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Chinese and Kenyan Cultural Performance Showcases Friendship Between Two Countries:

This video clip made by CCTV English in 2015, showcased amazing cultural artistic performances by both Kenyan and Chinese dancers each combining dance moves from both of their unique cultures. The dance featured the celebration of the Chinese new year called ‘The Year Of The Sheep’ (for 2015), and featured the then Kenyan ‘Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Sports, Culture, and Arts’, Dr. Hassan Wario Arero and Mr. Yao Ming the then ‘Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Kenya’.

This was a beautiful way to blend in the two cultures to show our unique differences should bring us together and not apart.

Meet the Maasai Cricket Warriors Raising Awareness:

In a YouTube video made by the newsgroup AJ+, we see a Maasai team learning and playing cricket with their traditional Maasai clothing to raise awareness on issues that affect their community like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and Wildlife conservation! Click the video below to see more!!

Location Nyaku House, Argwings Khodhek Road Email Hours M-F 9am - 5:30pm; Saturday - 9am to 1pm; Sundays Closed
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